Environment Testing
Ambient Air Quality Testing
There is a local area regulation and guidelines for maintaining a desired ambient air quality in the work environment. In this air quality testing service, we help you in testing the quality of air and comply with the predefined standards for the ambient air quality required. In our ambient air quality testing service, we include :
• Dust particle pollution
• Odor monitoring and assessment
• Continuous air monitoring network
• Industrial air sampling
Indoor Air Quality Testing
There are numbers of chemicals present in the air we breathe. These chemicals are harmful to our health and thus a domestic air testing is required so that you can identify these pollutants. Depending upon the test result, effective method for cleaner and healthier air is opted.
Following are the pollutants for which indoor air quality test is carried out :
• Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
• Carbon monoxide (CO)
• Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Stack Emission Testing
Stack emission testing is also known as Source Sampling Test, Emission Test, Performance Test or Compliance Test. In this service, the test methods adopted depend upon the type of pollutants and industry. This type of emission testing is performed while the pollution control equipment is operating at conditions where there is highest emission.