Non Destructing and Destructive Testing
Mechanical Testing
We offer a comprehensive range of mechanical testing. Our mechanical testing facility consists of servo computerized universal testing machine of 1000 k with front open cross heads & hydraulic grip, fully computer controlled universal testing machine of 100kn specially for accurate result of thin sections, digital motorized combines rockwell cum superficial hardness testing machine, vickers cum brinell hardness testing machine and digital combined astm and iso charpy impact testing machine of 300 j capacity.
Chemical Analysis
We provide services for wet chemical analysis and chemical analysis by optical emission spectrometer. We have installed bruker make ccd based optical emission spectrometer which give faster, highly accurate and reliable results. We having a facility of chemical analysis of iron ,aluminium, copper,nickel and titanium based alloys. We have also xrf alloy analyser which is very fast and highly accurate.The equipment can be connected to computer and online report can be prepared.
Metallurgical Testing
We have installed olympus gx-51 metallurgical microscope for micro examination.The gx-51 inverted microscope provides stability to support excellent image clarity and superb resolution with high magnification. Uis2 optics deliver bright, sharp, high resolution images suitable for all observation methods : bright field, dark field, differential interference contrast, polarization and fluorescence.