Training and Audit
Safety Audit
Pmall has a team of professional staff facing the daily challenges of meeting demanding business needs integrated with Environment, Hygiene, Fire and Safety Statutory requirements (local, global and organization’s).
Scope Of The Study
The scope of study audit will be with specific reference to the Following
• Policy, Strategy & goals.
• Review of the existing safety system as per the requirement of the applicable statutes and suggest suitable preventive measures.
• Identification of potential risks like Fire/Explosions/Toxic Release/ Electrical Hazards/ Material Handling Health Safety which are likely to threaten the operation of the organization and suggesting suitable control measures for minimization of risk.
• Evaluation of existing health and safety protection systems like First Aid PPE Appliances, Hydrant System, Electrical safety appliances
• Identifying potential hazards that cause work injury and assessing the system and procedures for work injury prevention.
• Providing guidelines for the preparation of contingency plan or review of existing plan, if any, and offer a suggestion for improvements. Val
• Review of existing safety systems and procedures of health and safety for loss prevention as per relevant elements of IS 14489-1998 “Code of Practice Occupational Safety & Health Audit” for the plants.
Energy Audit
We thank you for your interest in Energy Audit. We are quite competent and competitive organization as is evident from as under:
• Our team of BEE accredited energy auditors associate Consultant of India under Ministry of power for conducting energy audits under Energy Conservation Act 2001 of central govt. of India.
• We have Highly Qualified and Well Experience technical Team who Carried out your Audit and Documentation Activities as per requirements.
We are having latest and highly accurate Instruments and men power having wide experience in Energy Conservation and Audit Field.
• Study will be conducted covering all the points as per the guidelines provided under clause 5 of Govt. Order No. GHU/99/31/GUE/1196/9018/K1, Dated 5th Oct, 1999 and generally covering the following points.
• We have been generally able to identify Min. 5 — 25% of energy saving potential during our energy audits. We assure you a very professional & comprehensive energy audit of your facilities.
Environmental Auditing
Our environmental and safety auditing and assessment services are based upon hands-on, working knowledge of local regulatory requirements and enforcement standards, best practices, and internationally accepted standards, including major ISO certifications. We utilise industry-specific, vetted protocols customised to your operations, and our seasoned auditors have extensive experience with permitting, support, program and policy development, management, and auditing across a wide variety of industrial and lower-risk sectors.
Our auditing process offers mobile capabilities, management of findings, assignment of corrective actions, and deadline reminders to help busy clients manage their entire audit process.
We can work with you to proactively forecast risks to help ensure not only compliance, but complete risk assessment, management, and mitigation on into the future.