ACZET - Digital ABBE Refractometers - ARM Series - ARM - 2S

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    Model  ARM - 2S
    Measuring range  
    Refractive index nD 1.3000 ~ 1.7000
    Dissolved Solids Brix 0 ~ 100%
    Refractive index nD ≤±0.0002
    Dissolved Solids Brix ≤±0.1%
    Temperature range (Min. 0.1ºC) 0 ~ 50ºC
    Correcting Range of Brix Versus Temperature 15 ~ 45ºC
    Usage Temperature Range 35ºC
    Dimension (LxWxH) 3370 x 240 x 270mm
    Weight Approx. 12 kg

    Feature :- 

    • Apparatus equipped with an optical system made of a telescope with
      dispersion correction, used to define the division line between dark and
      bright areas.
    • Measurement of refractive index nD of transparent or translucent liquid
      and solid substances.
    • Measurement of the Brix of sugar solutions.
    • Prism made of hard glass.
    • Precise optics with automatictemperature compensation Visual
      aim LCD display, as ºBrix and sample temperature.
    • Stabilized temperature connection for water bath. RS 232 output with
      software Included.

    Technical Description

     1. Monocular system.
     2. Telescope adjustment.
     3. Digital display.
     4. Mains switch “POWER”.
     5. Push Button “RED”.
     6. Push Button Brix with Temperature correction “Bx - TC”.
     7. Push Button for the refractive index “nD”.
     8. Push Button for Brix without temperature correction “Bx”.
     9. Optical Control.
    10. Light intensity unit.
    11. Refractometer prism.
    12. Push button for Temperature indicating. “TEMP”.

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