Electronic measuring instruments are widely used for measuring the electrical charge quantity and amount of flow of electricity through different electronic appliances. As different appliances comprise different kinds of the flow of electricity and different electrical quantities need electronic measuring instruments to conduct the test that verifies electrical measurement with Prism measure and test equipment. Different types of electronic measuring instruments are designed & calibrated by Prism Test and Measure Pvt Ltd for different electronic appliances to measure with current, voltage, and resistance.

Why Electrical Measurement Must Be Conducted By Prism Measure and Test Equipment?

As electric flow can’t be detected with the naked eyes electronic measuring instruments are used to check the flow of electricity. These instruments are important to understand the nature and voltage of electric charges flowing in any electronic device.

This equipment by Prism Test and Measure Pvt Ltd is also used to detect the overflow of electricity or leakage of electric charge in a circuit or device for its efficient working. 

Safety and Endurance

A meticulously detected and tested electronic device by electronic measuring equipment by Prim Measure and test equipment ensures the safety of electronic devices from getting overcharged with high voltage or an electric shock circuit. It also helps in maintaining proper electric charge flowing and proper electricity flow in the circuit for efficient working and longevity. 

There are different types of electronic measuring instruments available to measure the flow of electric charge through wires and circuits.  

  • Digital Clamp Meter 
  • Digital MultiMeter
  • Digital Insulator Meter
  • Earth Tester
  • LCR Meter
  • Electrosmog Meter
  • Impedance Tester 
  • Solar Analyzer 
  • High Voltage Detector

Digital Clamp Meter


A digital clamp meter is used for non-contact measurement of current, resistance, voltage, or capacitance. The jaw integrated at the top of instruments allows technicians to clamp the jaws around any circuit, conductor, wire, or cable at any point of an electric system without disconnecting the electric system. 

Digital MultiMeter 


Digital MultiMeter (DMM) is a multipurpose measuring instrument widely used by technicians involved in electrical or electronic industries. It is also known as VOM for its multi-functionality to measure several electric units typically Volt, Ohm, and Amps. 

It’s a handy device that can be used and carried on the field to conduct and find faults in electric circuits or devices. It is used for measuring continuity, temperature, resistance, capacitance and frequency of any electric device or electric system or circuit. 

Digital Insulator Meter

Digital Insulator Meter is used by technicians to check the insulation capacity of the circuit as well as to find the current leakage in the circuit of equipment. It uses the direct current voltage supply that is used to detect the damaged or faulty insulation. 

It is an ideal and one of the effective ways to test the resistance capacity and current leakage in circuits that helps in keeping a check on machine health. 

Earth Tester 

Earth tester is an equipment used for measuring the resistance of the earth. It is predominantly used while doing earthling. Earthling is important as it helps in keeping the voltage constant, providing safety from current leakages to save human lives as well as keeping the electronic equipment safe. 

There are many types of earth available in the market serving different purposes and following different mechanisms. 

LCR Meter

LCR Meter is used to measure the inductance, resistance, and capacitance of any electronic component. It is used to calculate the impedance. 

Impedance Tester

Impedance tester is widely used by technicians to measure resistance levels in earth return circuits. It is helpful in protecting the equipment if any fault is detected keeping it low enough to allow enough current to flow through it.

Regular and accurate testing helps in providing protection from fire break out through electric shock and other possible hazards. 

Electrosmog Meter

Electrosmog is human-made radiation that emits from various electronic devices we use. The Electrosmog meter is used to measure the electromagnetic field. It is also used to detect the microwaves, radiations that are emitted from devices like mobile phones, cordless phones, from other wireless connections like Wi-Fi. 

Electrosmog meters come with a high dynamic range that is safe and easy to use. 

Solar Analyzer 

Solar energy is considered the best alternative to get renewable energy that helps in keeping the environment healthy. A solar analyzer is used to get accurate data about the direct sunlight to get the idea about the placement of solar panels and to get the best angle of solar panel placement. 

It is used for maintaining the quality and efficiency of solar panels by analyzing the data of sunlight. Also, it helps in identifying the requirements of the solar power system. 

High Voltage Detector

High Voltage detectors are used by lineman and technicians as a safety device. It is used to detect whether transmissions lines are alive or dead before earthing. This is a crucial job to be done by lineman for the safety purpose. It is used to check the presence or absence of voltage on varying switchgear and transformers or overhead lines. High Voltage detectors are reliable devices for detection.