HANNA- Multi parameter Waterproof Meters (HI98194) (PH/ORP/EC/DO) + Free Calibration Certificate (001)

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    *  Waterproof: "IP67 rated waterproof,rugged enclouser for meter,IP68 for prob

    *  Digital probe: "Digital probe with integral temperature sensor and up to three ports for ph/orp,ec and do sensors

    *   colored coded,field replacebal sensors

    *   Auto sensor recognition

    *   Quick calibration  features:  " Standardize ph and conductivity with one calibration solution

    *   Automatic barometric preessure compensation(hi98194,hi98196)

    *   Automatic temperature compensation

    *  Automatic logging:  "Store up to 45,000 samples

    *  Log on demand, GLP

    *  Dedicated help key:  "on screen context specific help is available at the press of a button

    *  Backlit LCD display with multifunction virtual keys

    *  Dedicated and virtual soft keys

    *   Quick Connect Probes:  "Fast,secure and waterproof connection

    *   PC connectivity via opto-isolated micro-USB with Hanna software

    *  UP to 360 hours of battery life powered by 1.5 v aa batteries


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