Metrix - Earth Resistance Tester (DET 1503) (2000O)

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Technical Specifications:

Model Description Digital Jumbo backlight LCD Display Metrix DET 1503
Safety Standard IEC 610-10-1 Over Voltage Cat III 300 V Pollution Degree 2
IEC 610-10-2-031, IEC 61557-1,5
IEC 60529 (Ip 54) Dust proof & water proof structure of the DET 1503 can be used under very bad weather
Measuring Range 0.00-20Ω/0.0-200Ω/0-2000Ω
Earth Resistant 0-200V +-2% rdg + 5 digit
Accuracy 2% rdg +-0.1Ω (20Ω) +-2% rdg +-3dgt (200Ω/2000Ω)
Resolution 0.1V, 0.01Ω(20Ω), 0.1Ω(200Ω), 1Ω(2000Ω)
Response time Earth Resistant approx 5 seconds/Earth Voltage approx 2 seconds
Resistance Voltage (Wire to the housing) 1500V AC 1 minute Without jump spark
Overload Protection Earth Resistant Range: 200 v AC (10 Seconds)
Earth Voltage Range: 300V AC (30 Seconds)
Earth Resistance measuring time range 10 Second- 10 Minute
Auto Power off 10 Minute no operation Auto turn off
Back light Yes
Timer set Yes
Power supply 9V DC R6P (SUM-3) "AA"x6
Operating Environment 0-40C RH>85% (no fog)
Storage Temperature -20-60ºC RH> 75% (no fog)
Product net weight 675 g
Product Size 170 x 120 x 79 mm
Accessories included Battery, Green test wire, yellow test wire, 2 Grounding earth Spikes, Clipped wire, Manual & nylon carry case

Earth Resistance Tester is designed for testing Ground wire of electric power net,as well as Earth Voltage test in the fields Of Household electric wire System and electric appliances-
Tester complies with international Safety standard lP 54 dust proof And waterproof can be used under Very bad weather-

  • Resistance Tester
  • Large LCD Back light display
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